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Want to take your fitness to the next level?

We have the leading-edge technology, programs, and coaching to get you to your optimal potential.

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Fitness Life Force personal wellness training Alpharetta, GA

Power up your workouts and your life

Experience more power, more endurance, more energy to achieve your goals.

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Energy, Endurance Life Force personal wellness training Alpharetta, GA

Unlock your potential

Achieve performance beyond your current limits. Crush your prior bests.

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Performance Optimization Life Force personal wellness training Alpharetta, GA
Start Today The best preparation for tomorrow is making a change in the right direction today. Call now to start your transformation!
Coaching Life Force personal wellness training Alpharetta, GA

Work smarter — Not longer

It all starts with personalized coaching to help you articulate and specify your goals in a way that connects with you deeply and maintains motivation.

Next, we perform a thorough assessment, including a detailed Body Composition Analysis, to establish your starting point.

Then we develop a comprehensive action plan using a tailored mix of proven traditional techniques along with advanced exercise and recovery technology to reach your goals as efficiently and quickly as possible without spending your life at the gym.

Along the way, we provide thoughtful coaching to make adjustments, keep you motivated, and help keep you accountable to your goals.

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Energy, Strength, Endurance Life Force personal wellness training Alpharetta, GA

Power up your body and your mind

Whether you are an experienced athlete, or just beginning your fitness journey, your energy levels are the key to the physical and mental endurance you need to keep going when it gets tough. You need energy at a cellular level to push hard for the new record, or even to recover from a hard session.

While a healthy diet, adequate rest, and even appropriate supplements provide a foundation for good energy, why settle for good when you can be exceptional? Our programs take your energy to the next level by boosting the efficiency of your cellular power-house, mitochondria, safely and without using performance-enhancing drugs.

Not only will you be able to exercise longer and stronger, but your overall energy level will be improved and your body and mind will function at a higher level in all phases of your life.

So add weights to the stack, reps to your set, distance to your run, or speed to your sprint...Or be more focused in your meetings...Or be fully there for your family after a hard day...Energy is the key and Life Force has the answer to achieve higher levels for whatever you want to do.

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Potential Optimal, Peak, Advanced Technology Life Force personal wellness training Alpharetta, GA

Realize your full Human Potential

Push Yourself to Level Up!

It takes more than effort though. The old saying "Practice makes perfect" is only half of the story. The real truth is: Perfect Practice makes perfect. Don't waste time doing things that don't work!

Unlike many programs that focus on numbers of reps and sets, we focus on the perfect training done the perfect way to help you reach your potential faster.

Couple this with optimal energy and enhanced recovery using advanced technology and other biohacks and you have the formula for real transformation and advancement with less effort and time.

You will be amazed as previous limitations and barriers fall away and you achieve new heights.

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Dylan Combee Fitness Enthusiast

Life force is the truth when it comes to getting stronger but you can also focus on much more. Inner well being and vitality are the most important part of a healthy lifestyle and I have improved mine in just one visit. Terry, the owner, had me feeling like I was working out in a place I belonged and it’s obvious that I will get the most gains from my time and effort here.

Michelle Shamasneh Accountant

Thanks to my new guru at Life Force, I finally feel like I'm on the right track again. It's been a while since I've had a good fitness routine, and I was nervous (and skeptical) about finding a good program to join. I'm so glad I took a chance here! I'm already seeing a difference in my body, and I love how the machines can track my progress for me. Stepping onto the high-tech InBody analyzer was scary, but it's amazing how much information it gave me (so much more than those "dunk tanks" that drive around). I love the high-tech focus here and all the new types of treatments available. But even with all the cool scientific devices, the best part is that I have a wonderful (super knowledgeable and very personable) trainer who really listens and works with me to reach my goals. And there's even a sauna where I can relax at the end of my workout!